Our Vinyl floor ranges are specially selected to compliment todays modern homes.

Available in endless contemporary and traditional styles, our Vinyl flooring options are a must for any retailer. Sampling is available in stand sets or swatches and can be ordered via your local Sales Rep.

Chic Living Vinyl

A selection of Modern & Elegant Designs with an Supreme Protection Surface Treatment & Sound Proofing.

Available in 3m & 4m only

Concept Living Vinyl

Concept Living is made up of contemporary, on-trend designs and colours.

Making homes beautiful, comfortable and easy to live with!

Available in 3m & 4m only

Expressions Vinyl

An Innovative flooring, offering character and modern designs.

Available in 3m & 4m only

Home Essentials Vinyl

Your home, your way!

A selection of ultra modern vinyl designs to suit any space.

Available in 3m & 4m only

Impressive Vinyl

Made up of modern and unique designs, this range has something for everyone!

Available in 3m & 4m only

Keep It Simple Vinyl

A unique and luxury cushioned flooring!

Available in 3m & 4m only

Megafloor Vinyl

A luxury cushioned flooring in modern designs!

Available in 3m & 4m only 

My Style Vinyl

Discover an exclusive collection of comfort-focused, timeless designs in our limited roll-only range!

Available 3m & 4m only 


Natural Interiors Vinyl

A range which offers comfort and timeless designs!

Available 3m & 4m only 


Soho Vinyl

A modern range which showcases 14 brilliant colours and designs!

Available 3m & 4m only